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Circles is the publication division of Transition Services, Inc.

Circles is a lifestyle magazine created by and for people with disabilities and those in their circles who want to share their diverse interests, social interactions, and have new positive life experiences in the local community.

It is the first publication of its kind in the Las Vegas community. Like all of our businesses, Circles will provide individuals with real-world jobs they may never be able to experience without the support of our agency. They will participate in all aspects of magazine development from submitting ideas to taking photographs.

The need to feel connected to their greater community is abundant for people with disabilities. Circles is a resource that can bring people and ideas that enhance their life experiences. Las Vegans are eager to be a part of a popular culture, the readers of Circles are no different.



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Each quarterly issue will explore areas of interest to our readers and present information in an interesting way that is easy to read, understand and engage.

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From the Team,

Architecture proved to be a very exciting and inspiring topic for The Circles Team!
We researched pagodas, castles, lighthouses and more! We interviewed a local architectural photographer and got our hands dirty with our papier-mâché structures. We also learned that Las Vegas has many interesting buildings. The Circles Team continues to grow and we are happy to welcome all the new team members who contribute to the production of the magazine. 2017 is off to a great start!
You can email any feedback that you have to:

You can email any feedback that you have to:

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In Issue 28 Circles helps keep the community green, we will look for the best ways to recycle and pass the information on to our readers due out August 2017


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I really enjoy Circles Magazine, I read it from cover to cover. I always look forward to the next issue. Keep up the good work.

Celia Luckinbill

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