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Circles is the publication division of Transition Services, Inc.

Circles is a lifestyle magazine created by and for people with disabilities and those in their circles who want to share their diverse interests, social interactions, and have new positive life experiences in the local community.

It is the first publication of its kind in the Las Vegas community. Like all of our businesses, Circles will provide individuals with real-world jobs they may never be able to experience without the support of our agency. They will participate in all aspects of magazine development from submitting ideas to taking photographs.

magazine description

Each quarterly issue will explore areas of interest to our readers and present information in an interesting way that is easy to read, understand and engage.

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From the Team,

As we embarked upon doing this issue of the magazine, the Circles crew decided that it might different to get away from a theme and just do an issue where we put in what we wanted to put in that isn’t beholden to a theme.
The Circles team had our regular quarterly pitch meeting and through a consensus of voting and back and forth banter it was decided that this issue would have no theme, and that the best pitches from the crew would be what’s going in. A slew of great ideas were among all the pitches and were voted on and assigned. We hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine and we would love to hear your feedback. You can email any feedback that you have to:

in our next issue


We are proud to be presenting to you our 25th issue of Circles for the holidays, do out November 2016!


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 I really enjoy your magazine - good and simple stories and the recipes are great.  Keep up the good work.


Ms. Sharon Maure