Issue# 29 – Piano Pleasures For You To Eat


2 loafs of sourdough bread

1lb Chicken

1 package sharp cheddar cheese


  1. Cut the crust of the sourdough bread so you are left with a rectangle.

  2. Place the cut bread down in a row.

  3. Put a layer of sharp cheddar down.

  4. Put a layer of the chicken down.

  5. Place the top layer of the bread.

  6. Use the left over crust to decorate the keys.






Box of cake mix and flour according to back of box.

One package of Kit Kat bars.

One package of White Chocolate Kit Kat bars.

One package of M&M's.

One package of Mini Peanut butter cups



Break Kit Kat bars into sections.

Place White Chocolate Kit Kat bars across the length of the cake making two rows.

Place Chocolate Kit Kat bars as if they were the black keys one piano or organ.

We placed M&M's to resemble lights and buttons on an organ and mini peanut butter cups to resemble knobs.




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